Tool for creating digital classifiers with attribute composition


Ability to create hierarchical and faceted classes
Ability to create objects with attributes and properties
Global reference of attributes, properties, characteristics, units of measurement
Cross-classification with state classifiers
Ability to create restrictive tables and requirements for characteristics and other attributes
Machine-understandable object coding system
Wide possibilities of integration. Uploading XML formats via API
Updating state classifiers as part of a subscription
Creation of digital product name templates

For whom


Not a single SUTR will fully work without an object classifier and a requirements classifier. We offer specialists a specialized tool for creating and maintaining classifiers with wide functionality.

NSI specialists for centralized binding of objects to classes

NSI objects need classification and cross-classification with state classifiers. Attribute composition to objects will allow you to create naming templates at the class level and provide the entire object information model to the MDM system. The proposed tool will 100% cover the need for maintaining classifiers.


It is often necessary to place OKPD-2 classes on purchased materials, combine them with an internal rubricator, fill in the purchased object with the required characteristics. ACS RCclass will cope with this task.


To work with the requirements of standards, they must be classified. At the moment, there is no classifier for standardization objects at the state level, but with the help of RCclass you can create your own object classifier for any level of objects, from large ones, such as mining, complex mechanisms, such as machine tools or cars, to an ordinary nut.

Construction and design

End-to-end classification of objects associated, for example, with such classifiers as KSI, OKPD-2 creatures.

Estimated business

In the resource method, classification is indispensable, the selection of suppliers, the selection of nomenclature for large volumes of calculations are carried out only with the use of classifiers.


The Smetaplan system uses a rubricator created in the RCclass system and performs the following tasks

Linking suppliers to categories in order to automatically match them to the specification.
Creation of product naming templates in order to automatically unambiguously match the ordered products with the supplier's price list.
Creation of templates for the establishment of the nomenclature.
Ensuring procurement activities.
Determining the cost of products with reference to counterparties.

Система НСИ.Эксперт ведет полноописанный справочник МТР без дублей в проектно-строительной компании

Increased OKPD-2 up to 3 levels to final objects.
A template is generated for each object. That is, each object is assigned an attribute composition and properties using global and local directories of characteristics and attributes.
New entries in the MTP Directory are made exclusively according to templates.
All entries in the MTR Directory are associated with purchase requisitions and goods from suppliers' price lists.

Why do we need a unified MTP classifier in an organization?

The MTP classifier determines the structure of the entire MTP system. The system supports the creation of a hierarchical structure of the classifier with the attribute composition of the final MTP group. The requirements for the content, levels and attribute composition of the classifier should be defined in the methodological documents for maintaining the MTP reference book, approved by the organization.

In order to maintain the main MTP classifier, the RCclass system provides the following features:

  • Creation and modeling of classifiers of various levels of complexity and variability, the number of hierarchy levels is not limited;
  • Each classifier level allows you to create an MTP class template that includes a set of arbitrary attributes (standard types: number, string, directory);
  • Class template attributes are inherited from classes at the top of the hierarchy to the bottom;
  • Attributes of class templates support default values, with the ability to edit at the level of the MTP reference item or with a ban on editing;
  • Templates of MTP classes of the System allow the use of necessary codes of auxiliary objects of NSI as an attribute with the possibility of limiting the list of values for selection in a specific MTP class;
  • Class template attributes support the ability to use references to records of an information object in the MTP directory with an indication of their possible values;
  • The class template includes rules for generating the MTP position name from class attributes;
  • In the RCclass system, the classifiers OKPD-2, OKS, OKP are loaded and updated at the global level.

All declared functions of the RCClass system for creating a classifier are an integral part of the Indigo ecosystem and ACS NSI.Expert.

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