Interactive software package containing norms and standards for enterprises of various industries, as well as a large amount of reference information.
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What is NormaCS ?


Significant workflow


Up-to-date documents


The latest version of the program


Convenient and customizable interface

Automatic document processing
NormaCS helps you automate the use of regulatory documents in the design process. No matter what industry your company belongs to, it will be easy for you to search for standards by any parameters, quote them, make references to the standards in documents and engineering applications.
Large document database
Massive amount of information at the service of your company. NormaCS contains more than 85,000 documents. Standards, regulations, price setting documentation, document forms, reference materials, policy and legal papers.
Timely database updates
Thanks to constant updates of the document base, the NormaCS system provides enterprises with access to the latest versions of regulations and standards.
Creating and editing your own databases
With NormaCS PRO you can edit and store documents, develop multilevel classifiers, create and edit document cards, set direct and back links to documents from any connected NormaCS databases, upload documents, texts, images and changes to documents.
Integration with CAD and other systems
NormaCS has an open interface (API) that allows you to integrate the system into any other program. The system includes a module of integration with such popular products as Microsoft Office Word and Microsoft Office Excel.


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We provide our customers with free and high-quality technical support throughout the entire period of work with the NormaCS.

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