Removes all errors related to maintenance
single centralized directory
items in the organization

Service will help

Protects against shipping errors
and buying goods, remove duplicates
and won't let them get into
reference nomenclature
Administrator's office with the functionality of receiving and accounting for applications for making an appointment;
Automatic check of records for duplicates;
Availability of name templates for all goods with reference characteristics and binding to OKPD-2, TN-VED codes, object classifier;
Wide opportunities for integration, transmission and reception of data directories in any system;
The presence of restrictive tables in the form of requirements of external and internal standards. Link to the current directory of external documents.

Expertise inside!

No need to spend huge
funds for expensive
professionals because:
Our experts have already subtracted the standards, analyzed the manufacturers' documentation and prepared the optimal set of characteristics for each item in the nomenclature;
After that, we assigned units of measurement to each characteristic, and for many we created reference books of values;
From the entire set of characteristics of the object, we have identified the main ones that should be in the name to identify the product;
Based on the main characteristics of the objects, we have prepared templates for the names of each object and now you will not make an entry in the nomenclature directory without filling in all the parameters of the characteristics, and after entering the data, the system will instantly determine the duplicate;
We worked with synonyms and prepared the corresponding functionality;
Made an object classifier;
Associated the object classifier with the requirements of standards and popular classifiers;
Storage of developed documents in one place.

And we also have
artificial intelligence!
Using data libraries with millions of items, our AI is constantly learning and getting better at finding duplicates, offering to enrich the record and sometimes even doing it for you!

Increase profit by 10-15%, increase customer loyalty through
reducing costs associated with the human factor in
entering data into the primary documentation, when writing off
and posting of goods.

Service Indigo. The nomenclature will help departments:
Reduce the risks associated with incorrect payment of taxes. The directory of purchased materials and equipment in 1C is maintained from the information indicated in the invoices, often the bindings from the invoices do not correspond to what is in stock. As a result, after optimizing the directory, all bindings and accounting “fly off”, and these are direct risks of incorrect payment of taxes;
Often, an MTR record transferred to the procurement department specialists and containing an insufficient number of attributes (parameters and characteristics) leads to an increase in the search time and approval of the required material and / or equipment or to the purchase of non-liquid;
Without optimization of the nomenclature directory, inconsistencies between the records of the MTP and the description of the material, raw materials or equipment actually received at the warehouse occur, illiquid balances are formed. As a result, warehouse specialists often have to take inventory;
Engineers (designers, constructors, etc.) and purchasers
Eliminate incorrect transfer of engineering data from design systems to the procurement system, which, without optimization, leads to the purchase of non-liquid assets and significantly increases the costs of procurement processes.

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A rubric is the name of a product group in the system. By assigning a category to a position, you orient the system to the automatic selection of relevant suppliers. We assign rubrics for you to avoid mistakes.

Yes, you can set the desired region in the specification settings. Also, when selecting suppliers in various ways, you can specify an additional region.

Of course, this is the third way to select suppliers in the system.

Yes, just select the desired positions and the action to be performed for them.

Yes, but it must contain the following columns: name, quantity, unit of measure.

Yes, the cipher is uploaded directly to the report if you assign a CFR.

There are two ways: auto-selection and entering the keywords of a position or part of the code.

Yes, the system has intelligent memory. When reloading positions, the previously assigned attributes will automatically be pulled up. You train the system yourself.

You can use the default email template, change it, or even add your own. Full carte blanche.

Yes, suppliers will see links to additional documents directly in the file with line items in the request.

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