An innovative system that automates the entire life cycle of a standard.
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Development initiation

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How the system works

Creation of a standard using the RCсlass reference book
RCсlass is a standardized classifier of requirements, characteristics and processes. It is designed for automated processing of digitally coded information about products, processes and standards.
Unique digital code
Each information item in the reference book is assigned a unique code created according to a patented technique due to which the requirements in the system are not duplicated, and it becomes possible to integrate the requirements of standards with external IT systems, which makes it possible to automate the work on standardization and quality assessment.
Automatic drafting of a standard
To create a standard, you need to fill in the basic data and digital characteristics, after which the system will automatically generate a ready-made document based on the data from the RCclass reference book.



The constructor allows you to customize the documents you create. Choose document styles, add custom fields or use ready-made document templates.


For your convenience, the standard constructor provides ready-made templates of the most common documents. By default, the document styles are set according to the requirements of GOST 1.5-2001 standard.


Store different drafts of the same document in one place. Compare them and track changes.


Thanks to the flexible system of customizable SMS and E-mail notifications, none of the project participants will miss an important event.


End-to-end monitoring of requirements for products and processes is integrated into the constructor. Now you can easily find related documents.


The Favorites section allows you to keep frequently used standards and requirements close at hand. When changes are made to documents placed in the "Favorites" section, an automatic notification is triggered.

of requirements

The system allows you to compare the requirements and use this information to create your own standards.


The router simplifies and speeds up the approval process due to the ability to form and moderate user groups, assign roles to participants, create and save your own approval routes, comment on the document being developed, store and compare different document revisions.


The history of work with the project and a summary of comments added at the next stage of approval is saved in the system, and if necessary, you can always refresh your memory on the aspects of approval that are of interest.

User manual
Download the manual for installing the Indigo.Constructor system and working with it. The instruction will help you understand the intricacies of the service, and will also allow those users who have not yet purchased the system to first get acquainted with its functionality.
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IndigoSoft specialists will tell you about all the features and characteristics of the service, as well as provide user training.
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We provide our customers with free and high-quality technical support throughout the entire period of work with the service.

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