An online service that provides access to collections of officially published international and foreign standards, automatically separating requirements from the general text.
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Your main ally in improving efficiency


Quickly informs you about the standard requirements


Easily identifies basic requirements


Correctly classifies information


Simplifies the implementation of a standard

Always available
CObaz is an online service. It does not require any additional software installation and does not depend on how powerful your computer is. All you need is Internet access.
Rich selection of standards
CObaz contains collections of the most prominent international standards necessary for your company's growth and entry into foreign markets.
Easy search
CObaz search has search suggestions, filters and statuses. Search is possible both by full document title and by keywords. In addition, a search by cost is available, which is very helpful when planning purchases.
Highlighting requirements
With CObaz, you no longer need to read the entire text — just select the appropriate option and get automatically highlighted requirements in a standard text. The tool uses a color-сoded indication, allowing you to quickly determine the degree of importance of each requirement.
Comparison of standard versions
CObaz has integrated an interactive function (Redlines) that highlights any changes, additions or deletions in the current and previous versions of the standard. It allows you to quickly compare revisions of a standard and determine what changes have been made.
Visualization of related documents
In CObaz, you can instantly discover documents related to each other. Data visualization allows you to quickly understand how your standard interacts with other documents, rules, or standards.
Optimization of the internal fund of documents
Thanks to the CObaz analytics system, you can track statistical data on the use of purchased documents. Now you can assess document relevance in just two clicks.


chatPersonal adviser
IndigoSoft specialists were specially trained to work with the system CObaz and will tell you about all the features and characteristics of the service.
chatTechnical support
We provide our customers with free and high-quality technical support throughout the entire period of work with the 'СObaz' online service.

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