Standards will protect consumers and maintain project management

31 Martha 2021

How often do we buy a product just because suppliers promise us magic and unprecedented sensations from its consumption? Companies add different tastes and smells, try to charm us by an unusual shape and color of their products, use "rare and unique" ingredients. And all so that your eyes focus on the store shelves, and the product ends up your hands. But lately it has become more and more difficult to attract the attention of consumers and make them buy this or that product. Modern consumers are more intelligent, many of them question the big game of producers about the "magic power" of products, the effectiveness of which has not been scientifically proven. That is why the specialists of the International Organization ISO have prepared a standard on the subject of organoleptic analysis.

Protection of buyers

Producers, wishing to highlight their products from competitors, use different formulations and come up with a concept of uniqueness and efficiency of the product. The new normative document ISO20784 Sensory analysis — Guidance on substantiation for sensory and consumer product claims is intended to support researchers and other professionals who validate these claims. 

Scientists will be able to use the standard to develop tests that can confirm product reporting and characterization. The ISO developers noted that they were attentive to all the needs of the buyers during to creating the document. From now on, consumers can be sure that the claims of marketers about products are confirmed. The standard will also show the compliance between tests, data collection, analysis and reliable scientific principles. The target audience will be completely protected from misleading marketing information.

Project management

In order to increase efficiency and achieve high results in business, it is necessary to establish a competent project management system. This kind of work is often connected with portfolio management and program management, which very often introduce the latest developments and improve existing approaches. 

Two ISO standards covering the area of project management have been updated and extended. The normative documents are the source of more detailed thematic recommendations nowadays. The provided guidelines are essential for phases of work such as planning and control.

Standards help companies to competently manage their production, increase its efficiency and profit, find new solutions and improve technologies. Consumers also benefit due to increasing trusting in product quality.

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