Hydrogensociety as a new round in the development of the economy

30 Martha 2021

The economy not only of individual countries, but of the entire world needs revision and editing. For many years, experts have been trying to figure out which model is suitable for a modern technological society. So, most of them came to the conclusion that one of the most sustainable alternatives to the current economic system is hydrogensociety. The main potential of this system is planned to be in manage of fossil fuels use. The International Energy Agency (IEA) prepared a report in which they analyzed the current state of the resource, and also prepared recommendations for its further use.

The European Council adopted a series of decisions named “Creating a hydrogen market for Europe”, the document were signed by all EU members. In some countries, prototypes of hydrogen trains and buses are already in full operation, for instance, in Germany. In China, trams run on this fuel. Also, carmakers from Japan and Korea have supported the implementation of an indicator of a road vehicles resource.

The IEC Technical Committee, which develops standards for railway equipment and systems, is preparing a new document IEC 63341-1, which will define fuel cells for trains and any kind of rolling stock, such as light rail, cars, trams, subway trains. The need for this standard is explained as follows. The first generation of hydrogen-powered passenger trains operates in Austria, Germany and the Netherlands. The market has already been created. But there are no regulatory documents that would consider the integration of fuel into railway traction systems now. So, this situation has become the reason for the development of new international standards.

The IEC normative document will define the interface and describe the environmental conditions (temperature, humidity, noise, etc.). It will also describe design requirements to ensure that the fuel cell system meets the rail traffic control application. Other clauses of the standard are about safety, security and reliability rules for the design and installation of a system. The development of documents will be aimed at improving technologies and developing new economic opportunities over the world.

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