Protection of forests during production

25 Martha 2021

Forests become lower by ten million hectares every year. We are deprived of vital resources, greenhouse gases polute the atmosphere, animals and plants suffer. All this is due to the illegal tree felling. Therefore, it is already important to think about the restoration of an environmental unit which  will bring many benefits to society. For example, it will be the reason to offer new jobs.

The international ISO standardizer has begun preparing documents that will address the reforestation process. For instance, ISO 38200 Chain of custody of wood and wood-based products will contribute to sustainable forestry development as well as the ability to track goods. Customers will no longer doubt that wood products are made from environmentally friendly materials and that they are supplied legally.

Also reforestation is provided by ISO 14055-1 Environmental management — Guidelines for establishing good practices for combatting land degradation and desertification — Part 1: Good practices framework. The document decribes the actions to be taken to minimize land degradation and enhance land restoration. This includes methods of forestry and agriculture, description of climatic conditions and industrial activities.

The use of these standards in the work will help to reduce the number of cases of illegal deforestation and the use of low-quality materials. Therefore, it is very important to learn about existinng documents in the field of standardization. The "IndigoSoft" company will tell you about them.

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