Keeping pure water starts with ISO standards.

23 Martha 2021

Protecting natural resources in the face of large-scale environmental problems is very important. Today, more than 2 billion people don't have access to clean and safe water. The global environmental problem wasn't escaped without attention: it was decided to create a World Water Day, which will help lead the discussion to a new level. International Standards Organizations have been unable to pass this topic unheeded. For instance, the ISO company develops regulatory documents, addressed to solving environmental issues.

Humanity starts to aware of the actual conditiion of the planet. Therefore, there is a need to remind consumers of the value of water and also to explain to them why they should choose efficient and economical in terms of resources and equipment. In some regions of the world, there are still no generally accepted approaches for solving problems, as well as there is no internationally agreed method for their implementation.

In order to help implement the effectiveness of its own schemes around the world, ISO is developing a standard for Water Efficiency Labeling Programs, named Requirements with Implementation Guidance (Water Usage Labeling Programs - Requirements with Implementation Guidance). It will describe best practices and guidance on how to prepare water efficiency labeling programs for plumbing and water-consuming appliances. Such a standard will create more demand for water-efficient products and encourage companies to have better products.

There is also a regulatory document that complements the project for the implementation of standards aimed at water conservation. ISO 46001 Water efficiency management systems - Requirements with guidance for use, it includes methods and tools that can be used to measure the amount of consumed resource. The document helps the organization to optimize the use of it as well.

International companies strive to contribute to the achievement of the global goal of saving water. Even more helpful documents on the regulation of the use of natural resources will be created in the future. The "IndigoSoft" company will lead you in learning of the latest publications, the latest changes and innovations in the field of standardization.

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