IECQ certification will ensure the safety of air transport

22 Martha 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has seriously undermined many sectors of the economy. The aviation industry was particularly affected, passenger traffic was cut by almost 95% over the year. Due to high spending on aircraft maintenance, staff costs, and transportation of groceries and other goods, companies will not be able to recover from the effects of the crisis soon. Moreover, organizational difficulties also affect related industries. This is why the International Electrotechnical Company (IEC) has got the decidion to develop a standard that will help minimize negative effects.

Passengers are certanly concerned about things as safety and reliability of airfare. Off-the-shelf commercial electronic components produced at the first turn  for telecommunications and consumer electronics  are used in the production of aircraft. This has resulted to the fact that the implementation of structures, control processes, and methods of certification and safety assurance occurred without considering the requirements offered by the professionals of the aviation industry.

That is why the international organization has developed a Quality Assessment System for Electronic Components (IECQ), which is able to consider their delivery, the necessary materials, etc. The development will be able to ensure the compliance of goods with the requirements of international standards. Users will save time and money, and they sould't send products back for second audit of suppliers.

The IECQ certification system verifies the implementation of production management first, and then issues a certificate of conformity. Suppliers should to demonstrate by testing that all components comply with international standards. They will be able to do this in their own test centers, if avaliable. The IECQ system will confirm the results. If the company isn't able to test the product in its production, then other laboratories, which are approved in advance by the IECQ organization, can be used.

The operation principle of the IECQ is based on the IEC 62239 technical specification “Process management for avionics – Preparation of an electronic components management plan”. It covers the management processes for avionics during the preparation and maintenance of an electronic components management plan and assebly COTS equipment.

The innovations developed by the International Organization for Standardization will provide a framework by which aeronautical equipment manufacturers can create their own electronic component management plan. So, customers will have a guarantee of product quality corresponding international standards for technical requirements.

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